Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheap Eats

Thought I would share this tidbit with you if you haven't already heard.  You can buy gift certificates for local restaurants at a discount. So you buy a $25 gift certificate, but you only pay $15.  If you get their emails, they run specials for 60%, 70% and 80% off the gift certificates. I bought a $25 gift certificate today for only $3.  Here's the info...

Only catch is you usually have to spend more than what the gift certificate is for...I bought a $25 one and have to spend at least $35. Plus, I have to pay 18% gratuity on the original amount. Still not so bad.

We went out last night to the 3rd St. Diner (in Jax Beach, FL) with certificate in hand and the owner refused to honor it!  I've used at least three of these vouchers and have NEVER had problems. On top of everything, he was rude. Churlishly, he said we had to spend $50 instead of $35 to get the $25 off. Apparently, that night there were two other guest using certificates. One of the guests said he was told that he had to spend $100 to get the $50 certificate (versus $75). This was at a diner. Can you imagine how much food you would have to eat to spend $100 at a diner (even for a family of 3)? Both parties were upset and said that although the food was good they would not return due to the service. As we were leaving, another party overheard the conversations and said he would not return to the restaurant. NOT GOOD for business. In one night they lost 12 return customers and lost 4 that night. We were meeting Carolyn-Marie and her husband that night. Fortunately, they were running late and missed the drama. But, after she heard what happened she said she was never going back either.

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