Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting ready for Easter dinner

Can you believe it's almost Easter! I love Easter. It is hands-down my favorite holiday. This year we've invited friends over for dinner after Church. Depending on what's available at the market for a decent price, I'm making roast lamb, beef or a baked ham. Here's the rest of the menu:

Raspberry White Iced Tea 
Deviled Eggs 
Fruit Plate 
Refrigerator Pickles 
Apricot Honey Glazed Ham 
Roast Lamb 
Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes 
Steamed Asparagus 
Pink Champagne Cake 

I'm totally excited about my "new" Easter tradition-the Pink Champagne Cake. This will be the second year I've made it for Easter. However, I'm thinking I will make Pink Champagne cupcakes this year.

Come back, 'cause I'll share more recipes as the week progresses. Here's my refrigerator pickle recipe:


6 c. sliced cucumbers

1 c. slice onion

1 c. vinegar

2 c sugar

1 tbsp. salt

1 tsp. celery seed

Combine all ingredients; mix well. Place in jar, refrigerate. The pickles will be ready in 24 hours and will keep up to 1 year

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