Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrating Friends!

Several years ago, after moving here and there with my family, I started losing connections with my friends. I then came up with an idea to have a "girls only" party. I invited five of my closest friends (not all from the same city). It was a spa theme with food, beauty stations and a masseuse. We had so much fun!  About a year or two later, we had another party but this time it was an afternoon tea plus one more friend. To this day, my friends still talk about it and ask when we are having the next one. It's a little bit harder now because I live on the other side of the country. However, I've added new friends now and may surprise them. (Start saving up for those plane tickets now ladies!)

Well, anyway let me get to the real reason I am writing this post...I put quite a bit of work together organizing myself and collecting recipes for these parties. It occurred to me, "Why don't I write a book on celebrating friendship?"  So, I've been slowly working on parts of the book. I've saved some interesting journal articles on how friendship helps you live longer and stay mentally healthy (you are less likely to be depressed).  Plus, I have several get together ideas from elaborate parties to small get togethers. Each entertaining idea includes checklists, menu with recipes, and step by step directions to throw a successful party. I thought I'd share part of what I am currently working is called "Spa Opulence Party." I still need to complete the invitation and party favor section, but it's almost done. Let me know what you think of this first draft.

Click here to go to the corrected Sun-dried Tomato and Spinach Quiche Tartlets Recipe


  1. Very nice, Carissa. I love things like this!-Brenda

  2. Its a good tool for young people. We aren't being taught this things and I will tell my friends about this. Thanks!