Friday, March 18, 2011

Seriously, shopping?

Yes, I went shopping- the very day after I posted that I would NOT buy anymore clothing.

This is what happened. Yesterday evening, I got a text from my cute little friend Carolyn-Marie who wanted to pick up a dress that she saw in Fernandina Beach, FL. She wrote:

"Hellooo. I need to go to fernandina tomorrow. I'm going to get that dress I sent you a pic of for my Betty Boop debut. :-) ....Wanna make the trip with me?"
I guess I have to explain the Betty Boop thing...Long story short, she kinda looks like Betty Boop and this cute 50's diner asked her to dress like Betty for a car show. I asked her to take pictures tonight, which I will see if she will let me share with you.

Anyway, I love Fernandina and said, "Of course, I'll go."  I did not expect the shop where the dress was to be so incredibly darling. PLUS, most everything is under $20. I was tempted by everything.
Look at that adorable pink blouse and rose purse!

I loved the oversized floppy hats
Adorable shoes and funky decor
I found a fantastic handbag that I thought was only $20. I told myself that for $20 I could buy it, besides it isn't clothes or shoes, right? Well, the purse was actually $40 (still a great price, right?). But, I decided not to buy it (it was easier to abstain at $40).

Believe it or not I left the store empty handed...almost. The sweet store owner made me take a bracelet for *free*. Yes, she made me! She said she felt bad because she felt it was her fault that I did not know the bag was $40.
Here's the bracelet--nice chunky wood
I am definitely going back.

Oh, and Carolyn-Marie got her dress. She is going to look phenomenal tonight.

If you are ever in Fernandina Beach, FL, please go to Palladium. It's at 116 Centre St., the hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. It reminds me of something Betsey Johnson would throw together on a budget. Some things over the top and some things spot on. The quirky but delightful owners are from England and bring things back to their shop from their travels. Lots of fun.

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