Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grain Sack Pillows

As I was looking for pillows for my mom's bedroom, I came across these lovely grain sack pillows. Whew! These were expensive:
$129 (SOLD)
from Full Bloom Cottage
$185 (SOLD)
Being the DIYer that I am, I knew there was a less expensive way to recreate these pillows. First, I found this great source for grain sack fabric: Click here to go to the online store.  There you can buy burlap grain sacks for around a $1.00.
17 X 27 grain sack bag for $1.04
Lauren, from Our Hiding Place, had the same idea of making her own pillows.  She recreated the grain sack pillow found on Pottery Barn and gave step by step instructions. Click here to see her tutorial.
Here are Lauren's pillows
Then again, I could just buy a less expensive one from The Bolster Queens on Etsy. Check out their pillow:
Red Stripes Grain sack bolster pillow 8x18 for $38
The Bolster Queens' pillow may not be as inexpensive as if I made it myself, but it is whole lot less expensive than the inspiration pillows.

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